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Competency Criteria Form

Fire Risk Assessment Competancy Form

The Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council has published a document called "Competency Criteria for Fire Risk Assessors".

The document outlines the competency levels for Fire Risk Assessores and could be used by companies and individuals. Fire risk assessor are expected to have adequate knowledge of the following topics:-

The assessment of risk from fire (appendix A)
Applicable legislation (appendix B)
Appropriate guidance (appendix C)
Behaviour of fire in premises (appendix D)
Effects of fire on people and behaviour of people in fire situations (appendix E)
Means of escape (appendix F)
Fire prevention (appendix G)
Fire protection (appendix H, includes passive and active)
Management of fire safety (appendix I)

Specialist training and experience, as well as membership of an appropriate professional association would be essential with third party accreditation as a further option

There has been growing concern relating to the competency of fire risk assessors that provide assessments on a commercial basis. Information from the Fire and Rescue Service suggests that the principle reason for enforcement notices being issued is a failure by the responsible person to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

A second document will be published shortly as a guide for Businesses and the Responsible Person to help them to decide how to choose a fire risk assessor if they feel that their own knowledge is not sufficient to carry out the risk assessment themselves.

The British Fire Consortium is a member of the Competency Council and has taken an active part in the production of these documents. We strongly recommend that all our members that offer a Fire risk assessment service ensure that they have achieved the desired level of competency to do so.