Membership Requirements

The British Fire Consortium is committed to BSI and European standards and provides information, publicity and support. Regular meetings are held, providing the opportunity for members to discuss matters of concern and interest, formally and informally. We are represented on all relevant BSI committees and member's views are passed on to the delegates. The delegates have influence on what become our standards within the UK. Feed back is provided to members at meetings and via our quarterly newsletter which is a valuable tool providing all the latest news and views.

The council approves applicants before being fully approved by the membership. Only when the membership have voted on the New Member, can he or she claim membership of The British Fire Consortium, and use the logo on their note paper, service labels, etc. The British Fire Consortium is pleased to work closely and assist companies during that first year of associate membership in every way possible. During that period, an auditor of whom you will have a choice of will visit you to ensure that you meet a suitable standard. Their job is not only to check, but also to help and advise which is often of benefit to the member. The auditor will not be a competitor. All the information collected will be in the strictest confidence. (The initial audit fee is included in the joining fee)

Training and British Standard Approved examination facilities are also available for fire extinguisher and alarm service engineers. Technician Refresher Courses are only accepted from the three approved organisations listed BS 5306-3. Assistance is also available for companies to obtain BS EN ISO 9001 and BAFE approval.

To qualify for Full Membership of The British Fire Consortium, a company must have been in business for at least one year and abide to the BFC constitution. However, new companies can join The British Fire Consortium as an associate member, with all the benefits of full membership but not voting rights. They may not use the logo or claim full membership until they have been trading for a full 12 months and have undergone the audit. A logo of an audited company is then supplied which provides proof to other members of the quality of workmanship should they wish to have those companies carry out service work for them.

The joining fee is currently 250.00 plus VAT, and the annual subscription, due 1st April, is 350.00 plus Vat. The joining fee must be paid in advance.

All applications go to Council firstly, and then a final decision is voted on by the full membership. Your membership is accepted at that point, subject to an audit. Should the company not be accepted for membership the fee will be returned. The annual subscription includes the cost of meals at meetings for one delegate per company. Additional delegates would be subject to a charge at cost. These meetings are held four times per year and we would like new members to attend at least one meeting in the first year of membership. Once accepted for membership the annual fee is invoiced on a pro-rata basis, so if you join half way through the year you will only pay half that years fee.

Members must have adequate Public Liability Insurance. Efficacy cover (failure to perform) is strongly encouraged by The British Fire Consortium, as is ISO 9001. In cases of a sole trader, he or she must be able to provide cover during sickness, holidays or other absences, for more dtails see our rules. Consortium members I am sure would be pleased to help out in certain circumstances.

Other benefits include

  • Service Engineers Manuals at the reduced price of 25 each, a must for all engineers
  • Efficacy insurance is available through our recommended brokers
  • Special prices for members from certain manufacturers
  • Technical library and telephone support